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In Development

Disposable Forceps

Disposable forceps typically lack sufficient grasping strength to efficiently grasp sutures. Our disposable forceps utilize better geometry to dramatically reduce loss of force between the finger tips and the forceps tips.

Birthing Chair

Today, many babies are delivered with the mother in a supine position. This orientation makes it easier for the physician to assist in delivery but is not optimal from a biomechanical standpoint for the mother. Currently in development, is a specialized birthing chair for soon-to-be mothers that allows them to deliver their babies in an optimal birthing position.


As more and more cyclists take to the roads in North America, injuries have been on the rise. Drivers frequently pass too closely to cyclists, and too often hit or push them off the road. We are developing a physical barrier that creates a visual barrier for the driver to see, that helps them see cyclists and move around them.

Hyfrecator Tip

Hyfrecator use relies on changing a disposable tip for use with each patient. Common designs are wasteful. Our design greatly reduces the amount of plastic needed for using the hyfrecator, making it a less wasteful electrosugergy product.

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