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SutureOut was invented by Robert Backstein, a plastic surgeon from Toronto Canada after witnessing his daughter's discomfort having her stitches taken out. This observation was the final indication he needed to move forward with developing the product, having received numerous comments about how challenging some of his sutures were to remove (tightly-tied and small). He knew it was easier to cut sutures from the outside and felt comfortable to remove sutures using a 10-blade, but knew it was something his nurses avoided. They were apprehensive about using an exposed blade, especially when treating children and uncooperative patients. Backstein recognized the importance of cutting from the outside and set out to develop a simple, low cost disposable that would enable nurses to comfortably cut sutures from the outside. The added bonus was the degree to which tension on the suture was reduced by using the new product since it eliminated excessive elevation to access inside the suture loop that is needed with conventional suture removal kits. The reduced tension made the experience significantly more comfortable for the patient. A win-win for both patient and practitioner. Perhaps most importantly, cutting sutures with SutureOut significantly reduced the amount of time nurses were spending removing sutures, especially in cases of tightly-tied knots and embedded stitches. 


To become a prominent Canadian developer of innovative medical products and devices.


To develop innovative, cost-effective medical products and devices that increase practitioner efficiency and improve patient outcomes.

About SutureOut
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